IMEI Backup on G3?


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Jul 23, 2010
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Apologies if this question's already been answered; nothing came up in a search. Is it possible to back up my IMEI without root? If so, how?

When you say back up your IEMI, do you mean actually being able to save the electronic copy of the number off of this phone and then later be able to put her on to another one? The reason I ask this is because the IMEI is we'll say "hard coded" into the phone, as an electronic serial number so that every single individual phone on the cellular networks have a unique unique identity and the cellular carriers can be sure which person's cell phone bill to charge for the calls that come in and out of that phone.

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No, not to put on another phone. I was wanting to flash back to an earlier stock version (10B) and root the phone, and I wanted to back up the IMEI to be safe. But I can't seem to get the flashing process to work anyway, so the question may be moot.
Well I have never had a need to, nor have I ever heard anyone else raise concern while flashing STOCK ROMs to their phones, even if flashing backward, that the IMEI was at risk of damage or deletion. It is typically stored in a secure portion of the phone and should be protected from such operations. That may not be the case with the LG G3, however so your concerns may be warranted.

On the other hand, there have been instances where custom ROM flashing has lost an IMEI. In those cases it is prudent to back up the EFS file which contains the IMEI and several other crucial pieces of information. Here's a link to a thread which explains this and how to back up the EFS file, including a download of You can find the thread and download link HERE ( EFS LG G3 EFS Backup and Restore LG G3 XDA Forums)

Good luck.
Thank you!

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