ICS on other phone's

Dec 20, 2011
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Considering the amount of phone Moto has out now, Bionic is definitely not at the top of their list. And who knows, they might come out with 2 more before ICS hits their devices:D

based on moto's recent marketing practices, they'll probably have 20 phones out, each one an improved version of the last one, before they get ICS lol :D


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Dec 20, 2009
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Interesting. What about the fact that Google owns Motorola? Would Google begin to support them over other companies such as Samsung. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my Nexus. I am just a freak when it comes to wanting everything that has to do with technology. I just wish I could have a phone with everything in it. Lol wishful thinking. What about the fact that Sprint is getting the Nexus and that one will support Google Wallet while the Verizon on does not?

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Google/Android has said on numerous occasions that Motorola will still operate independently and that Motorola will not receive any preferential treatment. This article pretty much addresses your questions specifically.

Andy Rubin: I Don’t Know Anything About Motorola’s Products, Google Built a Firewall Between Moto and Android Teams – Droid Life