ICS for HTC Rezound to Arrive in Late July/Early August


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Jan 12, 2012
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HTC has been promising Ice Cream Sandwich to Rezound owners for a while, and now it looks like they are finally going to deliver. HTC confirmed in an email sent by their customer support that Android 4.0 would start to arrive on the Rezound later this month. HTC stated "The ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August". It's good to finally have an expected release for the update, so cross your fingers that it doesn't get delayed. Unfortunately, no information was given regarding 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Rezound, and no specific dates were given on when we can expect 4.0 to start rolling out, but we'll keep you updated so check back.

Source: Android Authority
This isn't anything new over what was posted the last 2 days from Droid-Life. This actually even has less info.

Either way, I can wait. My phone is fine as is, and i'd rather hurry up and get some jelly beans as its too hot for an ice cream sandwhich now.
The thing that is upsetting is that they promised ics in q1, not q3. But we all know Verizon is at fault
I guess I shouldn't be expecting ICS on my Thunderbolt any time soon then. In the meantime, I'll be researching pre-paid plans for when my contract is up next May.
I remember most everyone in the Razr community whining that all over phones but Moto were getting updated to ICS, which is completely false...all NEW phones that are released this year were more than likely released with ICS. Phones such as the Rezound & Razr that were already released with GB are more than likely to be behind the 8 ball compared to the newer phones coming out this year. So looking at the ICS release from the big picture, Moto really is ahead of almost all phone carriers in releasing ICS to phones released last year.
Yeah, they're ahead of everyone except Sony, HTC, Samsung and maybe one or two other companies.
Been running ICS on my Rezound for a while. I think they are just waiting on source to finish up the kernel and RIL and then the Rezound will have CM9. It's essentially now about 90% of a Nexus device since it's completely unlocked. I still think it's the best phone on VZW.