[Iconia B1 710] Images saved on tablet never work on PC, they are always corrupt. Why?

Shuriken 88

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Sep 27, 2014
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Hi, I have a B1 710, and I'm aware that, technically these are VERY poor tablets, but I guess thats what you get for paying £100 (maybe thats why Ipads cost £70000000 lol). However I've come to terms with the B1's more than numerous shortcomings and now all I really use it for is quick-fire net browsing, a timer (lol).

Recently though I ran into a brand new problem with the B1... For some reason, EVERY single picture I save using the Android Google Chrome browser, or just the Android stock browser will not work when transferred to my PC. For example, say I do an image search and save about 10 pictures. All of them will save fine; all of them will show UP fine (using any image veiwing app like 7-zipper or Perfect Viewer), but as soon as they get to my PC, REGARDLESS of format or the PC image viewer I use, they virtually NEVER work (I use IrfanView on PC). To be fair I'd say 1 out of 20 images work once on PC, the filesize of the corrupt pics is usually less than 50kb, so you can tell things are wrong before you even TRY to open them. Why is this happening? Does anybody else have this problem? Is it Chrome or yet another problem of the tablet itself? I spent hours collecting reference material for my artwork, and out of about 100 pics, less than 10 work! These particular pics are 90% Jpegs, but theres also PNG's, animated GIFS (they dont even work on the TABLET!) & a couple of Bitmaps.

Its bad enough that Acer have the cheek to blatantly lie to us all about the flash space on the B1 (no it isn't 8Gb, you liars its 5Gb, how can you LEGALLY put that on the box?), but new problems are arising all the time! It feels like Acer doesn't care about its customers. So long as they have your money, they don't care about cutting every corner in the book to make a quick buck. I asked them about this lie, but surprise surprise, over a month and no reply! LOL cynical poetry not indended!

Can anybody help me out here? I dont mean to rant like an old man, but I feel like I paid £100 just to use Google Chrome!!

Thanks in advance.