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Jun 20, 2012
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As fair as it is, Logicly: Educational Puzzle for Kids justifies the title. Meant for preschoolers, this mobile application, available for iPhone/iPad and Android, features few dozens of puzzles devoted to the development of logic skills.

The four modes of this learning game offer various tasks like arranging pictures in logic sequence and doing sums. Basic Math problems also include “more or less” tasks both with figures and images. All the levels are replayable, and the stars system encourage children to improve their results. After solving the problem kids are also offered additional fun tapping air balloons. Such exercises are good for enhancing fine motor skill and accuracy which is very important for kids on this stage.

What I consider special about this kids game, is that you won't find a single word in the whole application. Following the objective, the creators decided to appeal to kids logic and used only icons and visual examples in UI and tutorial. Shame on me, my little niece sorted it out instantly, while I found it a bit confusing.

Apparently giving a credit to childish approach to word formation, the authors also entitled it in such a strange way. Whatever the reason, Logicly proves a good selection of educational puzzle games, which are both challenging and fun. This balance displays good understanding of child psychology and points to learning value of this mobile application in the context of preschool preparation.

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