IBM Partners with HTC to Improve Enterprise Market Growth for Android


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

During IBM’s Lotusphere and Connect conference recently, representatives from IBM and HTC demoed some IBM enterprise software running on HTC Android smartphones and tablets in order to lure more enterprise level customers to adopt Android. HTC is focusing primarily on security applications right now, but is also working with third-party developers to assist in the creation of custom applications for HTC tablets. Here's a statement from HTC’s executive director of Global Enterprise and Services David Jaegar,

“It’s only been really relatively recently that HTC has broken into the enterprise space. We’re driving toward that magic 100-million device number globally. We see IBM as the gold standard for an enterprise partnership. We want to make sure if IBM is talking about Android or tablets, HTC is in the conversation.”

HTC has been working with IBM to make sure IBM’s smart business applications worked well on HTC devices. It will be a challenge for Android to break into this tough market that is dominated by RIM and a growing Apple presence, but with the behemoth that is IBM in their corner, it will be inevitable for Android to find success here.

Source: BGR
Image Source: PocketNow