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Oct 22, 2012
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I absolutely love Android, and Motorola. the Droid X was my first love and is what opened my mind to the world (virtual turning real world) and what phones could really do. It's like they're becoming computers and the possibilities are endless and I love that. there are many things I would love to know more about, I'm not exactly computer savvy but I seem to be more of a phone guy... meaning I have a knack for figuring out phones but I don't have the patience for computers. there's things I would like to know and most of all I would really be interested in knowing the different ways to share information like pix, documents and music from 1 phone to another. I feel almost stupid asking this because I know there's 1000 apps that say they can do it but thus far it has been difficult. I know the ones that you can use but you need internet of some type, I like having an NFC chip and I know it has capabilities to do what I'm asking about probably using Bluetooth signal and not relying on networknetwork. anyway thanks for having me and letting me post I will be sure to answer any questions that I may know but for the most part I think I'll be asking for right now lol. and if somebody can tell me a better way how to setup my typing because typing this was a real pain in the ass... that's funny I didn't even say the last word but it put it in.


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Feb 16, 2011
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Welcome to DroidForums baliken! These phones are truly miniature computers. There are still things I'm learning and still yet to know the full capacity of these phones. Like sharing pics, etc. It is not something I do enough of to know more about. I do know that pics and many other things worth sharing give you an option of how to share the pic by clicking the share icon (looks like a sideways "v").

For typing, have you tried Swype. Some people love it, others not. For me, it is a very easy and quick way to type. I don't like having to tap each key...leads to a lot of mis-tapping. With Swype, you trace your finger over the letters in the word and it usually knows exactly the word you intended.... but gives many other options of the possible word to choose from.