I really need some help!!


Nov 3, 2009
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Could someone call me and walk me thru several things?? I guess my house email is not mixing with gmail, don't really know. PLUS I downloaded sms pop up and it hasn't done a thing. I even emailed my gmail from work.....notta! Sent my home email and work email.... notta!! If I could just get some smart person to walk a dumb person thru it, I would so much appreciate it. we could even email each other!!! Please let me know and I will be glad to tell you how to get in touch.
How about doing some research online and asking one question at a time here? That way others with your issues can read the responses too.
I guess because I've been researching since I bought the sucker last Friday.

One question then......... would someone please help me with a few problems I think might be linked???
Just ask what you want and try to describe what the phone is doing and what you are doing. We can try and help.