I need help installing the new rsd liet please help


Aug 30, 2010
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when i try to install thenew rsd lite this is what happens

i go to programs>got the rsd lite file and i have the trial winrar,and the most resent file
then i go tocleck on the rsd file and it says remove,or repair. so what should i do...i look around the window and it has a install ,and i says that the program installs successfuly every time but for some reason im not able to open the rsd lit with out it prompting me to remove or repair. pleas help ivebeen at this for 2 days and i trying to get back to stock.
That is pretty weird. Have you tried to just uninstall RSD and then installing it again?

It shouldn't matter if you only have a trial version of Winrar or not because either way, it'll let you open the file.

What operating system are you using? and what version of RSD Lite are you trying to install? 4.9 i think is the most current.

also make sure you are clicking on the icon that lets you into the program not the one that installs the program. I think that's what you are doing is you're confusing the two icons for one another.