I need help from a technical expert about what this is...

Feb 14, 2010
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UPDATE: Got the info from BBCrackman at MDW that this is what I need: http://www.cellulardr.com/motorola-verizon-droid-a855-volume-button-replacement-contact-pad.html

My son's screen on his Droid was cracked so I ordered a new one and replaced it today. Somehow during the fix the volume up no longer works. When I took it back apart and looked behind the volume rocker, this is what I saw. I noticed that the down direction has the golden flexible thing behind it but the up direction does not. If I can just get that part and put it on there then the volume rocker will work.

Looking at the picture, does anyone know what that golden flexible button like thing is that is on the right but not the left is called? Are they universal or do I need to contact Motorola? How do they have to be applied or installed (sticky on the back, solder, etc) ?

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