i need advice before monday


Oct 30, 2009
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ok. my droid is being delivered tomorrow and i need some advice. i want to operate as a standalone and don't mind hotsyncing from my computer (outlook - hell, i'd sync my palm desktop if someone could figure out how) so once or twice a day, i'll sync my droid for calendar, contacts, notes, etc. my email is aol.
i really don't like the way gmail handles contacts (cannot sort by last name...that's important to me...i have so many contacts and they are all set up that way) and i don't like the calendar...which won't allow different colored choices ...all one color per calendar (i assign my stuff red; my husband's in blue; my daughter's in purple, etc.)
now please...i do not want any responses about 'then why did you buy the droid'. i know what i'm getting in hardware and capacity and this was a decision a long time in the making and it has not been an easy decision to leave palm behind for me.

here's what i need to know:
would you:
1. put contacts on gmail and wait for missing sync to finish their program and then, in a month or so, install that program...syncing everything (but having to somehow remove the gmail contacts) and i'll carry my treo with the calendar synced to my computer. will i end up with double contacts on everything?

2. wait completely and just do it all as soon as the full missing sync program is available. that means i'd have aol, web, and some widgets and games on my droid, keeping my contacts and calendar up to date on my treo for the next month or so?

and, fyi, my treo is really doing badly lately...so it will be happy to not be used as a phone soon but has all my up to date info until i make some move.

thanks for your thoughtful advice.