I messed up I think and need help asap...


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May 19, 2011
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Ok, I have a droid that I use for work. I'm totally new to all this root/rom stuff and have been trying to figure it out...

I rooted my phone from 2.2.2 using oneclick, I downloaded rom manager and installed liquid gingerbread 1.85. I didn't clear the cache it told me not to, and it installed, and upon reboot I got the loop. I understand what went wrong and I have to try again... but my phone is stuck in the loop...

How do I get back to my regular android OS so that I can get back into the rom manager and try again... I have no idea how to get this loop gone so I can try again. Any help, and try to speak noobie for me...

Thank you so much, I just want to save my phone and I fear that I screwed the pooch on this one...
from a phone off state press and hold the x button on the keyboard, and the power button simultaneously. this should get you in to recovery where you can do a data wipe/factory reset as well as wipe the cache partition and see if that will allow the phone to boot up.
I tried that, now it won't go passed the Motorola M... I even tried using a factory update.zip file to install, and it either can't find build.prop or I used another file of 2.2.2 FRG38G signed, and it gets halfway and gets some other error message. too long for me to remember...

I'm completely lost now, and I think my phone is screwed. I wiped the SD Card completely clean, formatted all data, system, boot, cache. And still can't get a factory update.zip of 2.2.2 to install...

Might have to take it to Verizon, or something.
Did you make a backup before you flashed the new ROM? If so, you will find it in the clockworkmod/backup folder.

Catch the boot if it's still looping, or do a battery pull, then follow the post above to get into recovery.

Then, use the up/down volume keys to scroll in the recovery menu.

Scroll to nandroid, hit the camera button to select. Select restore, then scroll to the backup you would like to restore. Select it, and it will restore the phone image you were on when you made the back up.

If you did not make a back up, then you will have to flash an sbf from a computer (though there is a thread about sbf'ing without a computer). This will restore your phone back to some level of stock depending on the sbf you use.

Good luck with this!

Let us know how it goes.


OK, you were posting while I was writing. It does sound like an sbf is in order at this point.
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i'm pretty sure that will not work for a droid 1. if i'm not mistaken, the sbf for the droid x is built in. i could be wrong though.
I think your right. Really not sure then..ill keep looking around..a friend of mine showed me how to reverse the root program on the D1 just have to remember how

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well it's pretty easy to flash an sbf with the rsd method. you just have to make sure you have the right sbf and the right version of rsd (4.9)

and on the droid 1 you don't really HAVE to flash the right sbf. as long as it's actually intended for the d1 then the version doesn't really matter, at least that's my understanding.
What is an SBF? or RSD? I'm so lost right now lol.
I just want to fix it back to factory then I think I'm done playing for now.

Thanks for all the help guys, I super appreciate it.