I have a dead 3g radio...


Dec 10, 2009
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La Crosse, WI
Nothings worse than owning the OG droid and waiting and waiting for a device worthy of an upgrade, when you finally find the one you want, you put in the order, more waiting and more waiting, get it, activated and......NO 3G, WHAAAT!!

Yes this happened to me, For the life of me i cannot get it to work, I have done multiple factory resets, OTA Programming, Manual Programming, Battery pulls, any and every technique you could possible imagine, and still the only time i get a hint of any data come through is when I enable data, and airplane mode, then shut airplane mode off then turn disable data real quick, the 1x icon shows up then quickly dissappears...

I do have voice and text service, and this works very well....

In settings, Phone info., Status, Mobile network state shows connecting for a short time then moves to disconnected....

I have a replacement coming from VZ should be here next week, best not be a refurb.....so any ideas on what can save my new device? if not, do you think they will send me a new one or a refurb?