I bought my droid today, it came with 2.0 can't update to 2.1


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Aug 3, 2010
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Hi guys, I got my first droid today, the d1.

I was wonderign why I didn't have live wallpapers so I checked to see which firmware im running, I'm running 2.0.

So I went to check for system updates, and it says it's up to date.

What's wrong?

any help would be much appreciated
Use the links in this thread to grab the file to force the update to 2.1 on your droid in this thread.


Refer to post number 4 and 7, but don't do any of the rsd lite and sbf stuff. Just download the 2.01 to 2.1 update file, rename it to update.zip and put it in your sd card and boot into recovery and install it.

After you install 2.1 you will have to call * 228 and select option 1 to activate your droid. Then you will be 2.1 and ready to receive the 2.2 update that will be going out soon.
How boot into recovery mode

I'm not sure how to boot into recovery mode. Can someone help this noob?
Power off, power back on holding x. Then select update.zip from sd card

Power off, and hold X while turning the phone back on. Then, once you see the /!\, press the camera button halfway and the up volume button, then hit apply update.zip