I am in love with Google Voice


Apr 29, 2010
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Holy crap, this is all kinds of awesome. I cant believe I waited this long to jump into it.
  • I can now make calls over wifi only with no cell service at all...to and from real phones, exactly as I would normally. My Verizon service went out, and I was still able to send and recieve calls over wifi and nothing else.
  • I can have different voice mail messages for each of my contact groups (Google voice recognizes all my GMail contacts stuff)
  • I have one number that can ring into any of my other numbers automatically...so now my friends all only need one number to call me anywhere. I can "add" or "delete" numbers at will. Works for texts too!
  • I finally have a 303 number again (in Denver this is a big deal...it is really hard to get the old 303 numbers anymore because they are all taken up)
The best part is I did not have to surrender any control to Google. The only requirement is that you have at least one existing number in your name to start with. So my cell number is still with Verizon, not google.

I cant believe I waited so long to do this. This is awesome.
Sweet. Glad you had an awesome experience. I mainly use Google Voice for voicemail, but I do love hearing all the other features of it like texting and calling actually being used.

Sent from the God of phones. Thunder....THUNDER! ... THUNDERBOLT!!
The Wifi calling was the main reason I got it. It is so awesome that I can make and receive calls on my cell phone with no cell service at all now. To real phones...no hoops to jump through.