Huawei Mate 9 Features Wide Aperture Mode For True Bokeh


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Oct 6, 2011
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The trend for the past few years on smartphones has been a dual lens setup which allows for the manipulation of depth of field. This can give the resemblance of bokeh which means that the forground is focused while the background is blurred. The software bokeh doesn't exactly get this right. It essentially just blurs the background. This does a good job at drawing focus to the foreground, but makes the background look messy.

Huawei just released their new flagship the Mate 9, and it has a new trick up its sleeve. It includes a new "Wide Aperture Mode" which allows for true and stunning bokeh! This even works on lights in the background which software bokeh just can't do. Danny Winget has posted a few examples of what the Mate 9 camera is capable of. You can see just how insane this effect looks.

via @DannyWinget