HTC Rezound Composite Out? Please help.


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Jun 13, 2012
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I have an HTC Rezound with unlimited data plan, but NO mobile hotspot plan. My dilemma is that I'd like to pipe Netflix from my phone to the headrest screens so the kids can watch Netflix when we go on trips. The headrest screens accept RCA jacks. They do not accept HDMI.

First I bought an OEM HTC micro-usb to composite adapter. It was for the Incredible 2, but thought it might work on the Rezound. It did not.

Second, I bought an MHL adapter from Boxwave, and an HDMI to composite cable. That didn't work either, but almost....

The MHL adapter works great if you plug it into the phone and then from the adapter, plug an HDMI cable from it to your TV. In that respect, it works the way it was intended. When I plug it in I see "HDMI detected" on the status bar of my Rezound and it connects.

So far so good right? Well, I plugged in the HDMI to composite adapter into the HDMI female end of the Boxwave adapter, then plugged the composite connectors into AV1 on the back of my TV. Doing this doesn't make the Rezound 'see' or 'trigger' that there is a HDMI connection happening. It's only when I connect an HDMI cable from the Boxwave device, directly to an HDMI port on the TV, that the Rezound can detect and show "HDMI Connected".

So I have the following questions:

1. Is there a way to manually trigger the Rezound to think it's doing HDMI out? If what's triggering it is the HDMI cable plugged into the adapter, then to an HDMI port on the TV, perhaps, it's some HDMI signal or something that the TV is sending to my phone, activating the ability for the phone to turn HDMI ON.

2. If there is no way to manually trigger it, is there some HDMI switch that someone KNOWS that will work? I tried running my Rezound to a Monoprice HDMI switch that I have, and then to my TV with that HDMI to composite adapter, but the Rezound still wouldn't recognize that it had HDMI plugged into it.

3. Is there any other way to get composite video out of the Rezound? Since I have an unlimited data plan, this is the best way for me to put Nexflix on the kids' headrest screens. I can't root my phone. We use 'Good' messaging for our mail application, and it can detect rooted phones.

4. The only other way I could do this would be to activate the mobile hotspot for a month, and then ditching it. With my unlimited data plan, Verizon is supposed to be able to offer the Mobile Hotspot unlimited as well. Then I could take my Roku device from home, connect it wirelessly to my phone, and plug it into the RCA composite jacks for the headrest screens. I do not want to go this route. Does anyone have any other ideas to composite video out of the Rezound?


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