HTC Rezound Bricked


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Jun 6, 2012
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I'm new to custom ROM's but not new to technology and modifying things inside it. I'll just tell you everything I did from having a stock HTC Rezound to where I am now. I went from stock to an ICS ROM and I flashed all of that successfully. I used that for about a week but it began to get old and unstable. I tried to go back to stock and I when I tried to do an .exe stock rom that didn't work. I tried a guide online that I cannot find now but I am stuck now. I wiped everything I did to install the ICS ROM and began to try and install the stock rom I downloaded from scottsroms and now it's pretty messed up. I could fix it from guides online that tell you how to unroot your rezound but I can't now. Mainly becuase my screen doesn't work. I did factory reset from the bootloader with nothing installed believe it or not by accident trying to go up to fastboot. It then showed my ClockworkModRecovery symbol and then nothing happened. I now cannot even get to bootloader. I am not experienced in using adb and have no clue what I'm doing in that. I did type adb devices and it showed my phone with recovery beside it. I just want a guide on how to unroot my rezound using adb since I can't use fastboot from my phone. Thanks in advance for any help.
Also I can get to the green HTC logo by holding both volume keys and the power button but it then blacks out.
Did you flash the ICS RUU? If so then you're stuck on ICS. So your best bet would be to flash the ICS RUU again to return you to stock ICS
I did flash the ICS ROM and then I wiped everything from CWM recovery to install the stock rom. Stuck from there. Also I am not sure how I will flash back to ICS if I can't get into bootloader. You will have to do a walkthrough for me or something.
No problem anymore, MrSmith317 has saved the day!
Dave, do you have Google Talk? That would be much easier... If you don't, download it and add [email protected] Send me a message anytime and I will get back to you as quick as possible...