HTC One M9 Already Has S-OFF!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The HTC One M9 has not even released officially on all carriers, yet it already has S-Off. The method has not yet been released, and I wouldn't ask the team of developers when they will be releasing. Everyone knows that ETA request extend development time by 24 hours! :)

Justin Case of TheRoot.Ninja has posted a picture of his HTC One M9 which is both bootloader unlocked and S-OFF. He also has stated that S-Off is finished and that it will be released eventually. He stated "we are a ways from release". My thoughts is that the S-Off method will be released on Sunday. JCase has a knack for offering up a bit of a gift on the weekends and on Holidays! As soon as we have S-Off we will be able to do whatever we like on our devices. I have a feeling this may be incorporated into the Sunshine S-Off app, if so it will be available for a $25 in app purchase which would be well worth it for me.

Via @jcase


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Dec 23, 2009
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Nice, awesome job. Remember when he released the method for s off for the tbolt.