HTC One M10 Teased in Official PR Invite Image


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Dec 30, 2010
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HTC just shared their latest HTC One M10 PR promo this morning. The image above is obviously just a teaser for the final reveal for their latest flagship. HTC themselves Tweeted the pic, so it doesn't get anymore official than that. Sadly, that teaser is all they shared. We still don't even know when HTC plans to unveil the device.

After the impressive debut of the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, it's going to be tough for HTC to get any attention on this one. Do you folks think HTC has what it takes to compete anymore?

Source: HTC Twitter
Come on HTC, we're in need of a good looking device this year that brings the heat because personally, I think the G5 and S7 are kind of ugly.

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True that is. I'm rooting for them though. I've always been an HTC fan. I guess we'll see if they've learned anything.

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