HTC One M10 Might Be Another iPhone Knock-Off [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like HTC fans might be in for a rude surprise when the HTC One M10 finally launches early this year. According to the latest intel from @evleaks, HTC is supposedly going to model its design very closely on the HTC One A9. If you remember that phone from the end of last year, it is basically an aesthetic knock-off of the iPhone 6 series device.

While you can argue that HTC pioneered some of the designs found in this phone earlier than Apple did, the reality is that the total package of elements put together for both phones is extremely similar. The general public is not going to remember that HTC used several of the iPhone 6 design elements in different phones for the last few years. They will only perceive the iPhone 6 series as being the first, because it brought all of those elements together in one device.

If this rumor from Evan Blass is true, then HTC didn't rally go back to the drawing board for the HTC One M10, they are basically just taking the easy way out. Is this desperation time for the Taiwanese company? It seems that way...

Here at HQ, we are hoping this is one of the rare few times that @evleaks is wrong.

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C'mon Stormy didn't you know Apple copied HTC's design! :D