HTC May Have Used Decoys to Hide the HTC One's Final Design [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's another bit of HTC intel that you should take with a heaping helping of salt. The latest rumor suggests that HTC has been using fake dummy units as decoys of the HTC One M9 to throw off all of the leak-hounds in the media. Supposedly, this decoy uses the internals of the HTC One M9, with a slightly modified fake outer case design. This report implies that the final design will be quite a bit different than what we have been seeing, and will include a bezel-free outer edge.

While we wouldn't be surprised to find out this decoy story is true, (and have seen it occur before with several OEMs), we really doubt the veracity of this one folks. The outer design of the HTC One has always been one of its most defining and appreciated characteristics. The leaked images showcase the same design, with some slight modifications (like smaller bezels on the top, front and sides and a slightly larger camera). This actually lines up perfectly with previous rumors of the changes HTC has supposedly made to the new HTC One.

What do you think? Does the above image look like a decoy to you?

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Source: Phandroid