HTC is stuck on white screen, and I can't select anything from list


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Dec 20, 2013
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My rezound boots up only to the white screen of death. I can scroll down the list of options using the volume up key, but I can't select any of the options using the power key and the volume down key. I have removed battery multiple times, and finally after researching, got my phone to boot up in safe mode by pressing and holding power/volume up/volume down keys, but it will shut off after maybe a minute of turning on, and then goes to the white screen again. I am really new to this white screen, and have never rooted my device or anything. I read also that people use a computer to hook phone up to and drop a file into the phone's root folder, but not sure where to get the file or if it will even fix it. It's Christmas time, and don't really have money to purchase a new phone, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!