HTC incredible HELP!


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Mar 23, 2011
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This might not be in the correct area but I am desperate. I bought a droid off of a guy on craigslist come to find out that it is water damaged- which is just fine considering I got it to repair my broken screen - issue is that I think it still works!

Let's see. .. I charged the battery for over 15 hours. Occasionally when I tried to turn it on it vibrated- but the screen still stayed black- I have gotten a solid orange light, a flashing orange light and my computer has recognized the htc when plugged in. I have opened the phone up, it doesn't look fried at all.

What I am thinking might have happened it that the person who think's the water fried the board might have actually bricked the phone or even damaged the phone while it was updating.. something of the sort.

I have tried taking out the battery, reinserting the battery and powering it on, which is when I will get the vibrating once or flashing orange/solid orange light. I have taken it apart and nothing looks wrong. Granted it is very heavily water damaged seeing how the mark is bright pink.

At the moment we have it hooked up to a computer and I have a solid orange light. I would love to salvage this phone to make my life 10 times easier.

Please help me!

Mind you I have no micro SD card reader, which might be very difficult in the long run.