HTC Incredible and Google Voice questions


Apr 29, 2010
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Cary (near Raleigh) NC
I realize this is a HTCI forum but many of my peers/fellow geeks here have used or still use Google Voice so in some instances I'm not sure if some experiences are as a result of my HTCI or GV!

1, I was on the road and for a couple hours I was in a GV phone call and the dialog box came up indicating a week signal caused a call drop yet i had 1,2 sometimes 3 bars when i looked immediately after call drop. If you want to know this is in the US95 corridor mostly in Va. This dropped call happend say 6 8 times in that 2 hours same person in that call.

2, I have selected to use GV on all in/out calls and some times I will call a friend or work place and get a "this number can not be connected as dialed, check the number etc" these are good numbers that when i do quick redial it connects!

3, As in Number 2 sometimes i get what sounds like I've called a old fax machine making those handshake noises and I would say that this and the above issue (2) happens once every 8 10 calls I make? I have never been told of missing incoming calls!

4, No matter if I have call screening selected or deselected (these settings can be made on Cell or PC doesn't matter and it remembers my settings) it still Identifies all calls as unknown caller even if there in my address book showing me who is calling the Cell phone requires I press #1 to connect to my caller!

5, If all I'm doing is dialing the GV routing number to make phone calls how is that call saving me moola or call quantity when its still a chargeable call to my GV routing #?

6, Is there a way or an app to assist in my receiving or sending Pictures through GV?

7, Is there way I can tell whether I received a call from a caller using my GV cell number or my Verizon cell Number which number was dialed