HTC Droid DNA and Other Modern HTC devices Receive S-OFF Courtesy of "FacePalm S-OFF"


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Oct 6, 2011
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They said that it could never be done, that our devices would sit in the corner and rot away never being able to fully take advantage of all the custom kernel and Rom goodies that we all know and love! Most believed the nasayers as devices like the Droid Incredible 4G have still yet to receive S-Off status and have never really taken off in the development community. The Droid DNA received an S-Off method via JTAG a few weeks back which required you to ship your device to a company and shell out over $100 for the privilege of them bestowing their hardware mod on your device. Not many DNA users were happy with that scenario which was considered by many to be a highway robbery sceme.

Hacker "Beaups" with the help of TeamAndIRC quickly brought us a bootloader unlock and root method for the Droid DNA and continued their work on a full S-Off method. (S-OFF stands for Security Off. This allows us to freely flash kernels and roms. With S-ON you have to flash a kernel via adb command. S-OFF is much easier and makes things like Official Cyanogen Mod possible.) They have accomplished their mission and their S-Off method is now available for the Droid DNA as well as the OneS and OneXL! The method requires you to already have the SuperCID mod completed and the unlocked bootloader as well. You will also need to have a pretty good knowledge of how adb works. The method is pretty straight forward, but if you are not careful you could brick your device if every step is not followed to perfection. You will need to be extremely careful. All of that being said if you do the FacePalm process and you end up with an S-OFF device you should in no way accept an OTA update if you intend on keeping your device S-OFF. Big shout outs to Beaups and the rest of TeamAndIRC for their huge accomplishment!