HTC as wireless extender


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Sep 1, 2011
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hi all,

thanks for a great forum.

I have my HTC connected to a wireless network, not mobile connection, since I am in Mexico
right now and Verizon is worthless down here.

since everything is concrete I cannot connect to the wireless with my laptop in my room, only
in the living room.

what I wanted to do is share the wireless connection with the router here and place the phone
in between my pc and the router so I can get a signal in my room. Makes sense?

In order to that with what comes with the phone it doesnt give me the option unless i am connected
to the mobile network.

is the an app or any other way to do this?

even if the app cost a bit I would be willing to pay since i need to be able to skype and so on.

thanks in advance for any help.

I have 2 phones an HTC sense and a HTC google phone. either would be ok to use.

thx a lot,