[HOW TO] Video ICS Leak Install for Droid 4


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Oct 6, 2011
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Ice Cream Sandwich is now official on the Razr and some Moto users are wondering where is the love for their device. Droid 4 users have caught a lucky break! Ice Cream Sandwich has been leaked for this device. The leak has been public now for a few weeks. New builds are coming out on a regular basis which could mean that Motorola is getting close to having the real thing ready! Above is a quick tutorial on installing the latest leaked build of ICS for the Droid 4. Before you get started you should be aware of the fact once you flash the leak you will be OFF of the official upgrade path for now. There is currently no way back to Gingerbread.

You can grab the files you need here



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Dec 11, 2009
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I always wonder how much better ICS would be without MotoBlur.. or whatever Motorola is calling their UI these days. I've noticed that even with Samsung phones running ICS that for some reason they took the widget option out of the tap and hold on the home screen menu :blink: I still don't understand that decision since you're going to add the widget to the home screen. It seems less intuitive and more cumbersome to have to click the app drawer then click the widgets tab and then select the widget you want. I thought Google was bent on making Android function with fewer taps and tap-&-holds. Why not just put the widget option in both places? Especially since there have been so many versions of Android before that had the widget option where it should be and this is what users have come to expect. I don't see the benefit in the change.

Anyway, I don't plan to update to ICS on my Droid 4 until it's officially pushed to my device. Thanks for this information though. :cool-b: