How to stop Music Player from auto playing


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Feb 26, 2010
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I have my Droid bluetoothed to my Ford's Sync audio system, but whenever I get in the car it automatically starts playing some random song in my music library. I don't want it to do that.

How do I stop this???
That is the AVRCP control of bluetooth. I have the same problem. It is there so that when you get in the car your music starts automatically and when you turn off your engine it also stops automatically. I have noticed that somehow at times it also switches to shuffle mode somehow. What stinks about it is if you have not even used your music player at all it somehow has to open it which to me is not right. I can understand if you have it running at least.

Anyways, I know of no app that stops this. If someone does please chime in.
I have this issue happen to me at times when I simply plug in my headphones. It apparently seems to be somewhat random and VERY annoying.
Just thought I would also chime in on this one as it really is annoying.... I am running Bugless Beast v0.4 I have also tried other roms and all seem to have this issue. I have even tried to remove the music app but the option is grayed out... If anyone knows of a fix for this please let me know..