[HOW TO] Prepare for Hard Reset


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Jul 1, 2010
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If you are concerned that an app has corrupted some settings, or otherwise think you need to do a hard reset, this covers some of the before and after steps

1. Make a list of all the apps that you downloaded that you want to use in the future. You will have to download them again after the hard reset, it will goes much quicker if you have the names spelled correctly, also write the name of the author if the app has a common name.

2. Take a Screen shot How To : Droid X Screenshots or take a photo using a digital camera, or use pen and paper to write down what icons you have on each of your screens so you can recreate them after the hard reset

3 Run Backup Assistant to backup your contacts. It is also helpful to write down your PIN so you can reinstall your contacts after reset. On mine, I forgot it, and hit the button for Forgot Password, and it just gave me the PIN.

4. Write down your gmail address and password - you will need to login after the hard reset.

5 Write down all the user info for each of your email accounts and any wireless passwords.

6. Copy to your computer any data files - photos, video, or music.


After the hard reset, you will need to do the following - it took me about 15 minutes, not including the time to download and install the apps.

1. Power on the phone.

2. Activate the phone - you don't need to talk to anyone at the service provider, and you don't need passwords, etc, put you do need to contact the Verizon server following the prompts on the phone. You might want to avoid a hard reset during early am hours when the server may be down.

Backup Assistant should prompt you to enter your PIN so that it can restore your contact info.

3. Enter the email info for each of the accounts

4 Select marketplace, then login to the gmail account, if you don't use that as a separate email account

5. Change your settings as needed - keyboard, security

6. Enter in wireless info for the wireless networks you are trying to reconnect to.

7 . Pair with your bluetooth device

8 Download and install your apps from your list. I downloaded uninstall first, which makes it easier to uninstall apps later.

9 Set the icons on the screens .

10 Use the usb to copy over any data files - such as videos, music, photos.