How to make our own 'DROID' sounds?


Jan 11, 2010
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So today I'm driving some friends around, and I have my Droid in the car dock, we're listening to music on my car stereo from the Droid and I get an email, and the whole car goes "DROOOOOOOOOOOOID"

We had the idea that instead of just Droid, it should say other things. Funny phrases we could come up with.

How can we manipulate our voices to sounds like that?

I've been trying to come up with something using Audacity. I can get a close feel by generating a Sawtooth wave at 41.20 Hz and then applying a phasor, but I think I need to convolve that with someone's voice and make it sound smoother, and I'm not sure how.

Any good ideas?
I'd like to do the same thing.... I've seen a few posts of how to do it with Mac using text to speach and the Cellos voice. But I'd like to know how to do it on a Windows platform.
the whole car goes "DROOOOOOOOOOOOID”
I was on a trip using the GPS with the Droid in my car dock. I was also listening to a MP3 of the Stern Show I had recorded. I didn’t realize I didn’t have the car charger hooked up and when my battery hit 15% a low battery warning came over my car speakers. The low battery warning is like a trucks air horn. Very loud! I thought that a truck was about to hit me. Scared the @#$% out of me! :icon_eek: