need to know how to play music from droid through car stereo


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Jan 9, 2010
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I found Pandora radio on my Droid and I think that it would be awesome to play that through my car stereo. I just need to know what I have to buy to be able to do this. Another question I have is how does the quality of the music compare that will come through the car stereo, compared to the ipod that I currently have hooked up to my stereo?

So overall I need to know what I need to play my music from my droid through the care stereo, and how does the quality of the music compare with that of an ipod?

Thanks to all that help.
How do you hook up your ipod? Aux? if so Droid can be connected the same way...
Aux Jack

I used my Droid for navigation and Music (Pandora) from Orlando Fl to Savannah Ga using an aux cable. Music sounded very nice and clear and so the nav directions. Also voice calls and notifications sounded clear as well. No need for special equipment, just a $2 cable and recommend something to hold the phone on the windshield have not found one yet but will have to be a generic for GPS.
By the way, the navigation worked really nice and traffic was accurate too.
Yeah if your stereo has an AUX in or some label it as MP3 or something, you can just get a male-to-male 3.5mm audio cable and hook it right up. If it doesn't then you either need a new radio that does have an AUX in or you need to find some sort of FM modulator that lets you hook up a 3.5mm cable to it, but those are lower quality.