How to get my MEID off the "Lost" list!?


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Aug 20, 2011
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Friend lost their Droid 2 and had to get a replacement. We found the Droid 2 and now I want to activate it as my phone since my Storm just stopped working and I cannot afford another phone right now. I called Verizon and *228 from new phone, and they said that the MEID is on the lost/stolen list. So, my friend went into the Verizon store and told them the phone had been found, and they were to take it off the lost/stolen list. Tried to activate it again, explained the situation, and the Verizon representative told me the MEID was still on the lost list and to just wait. Called again, explained situation, and the next guy told us to call Tech because Customer Service cannot change this but Technical Support will fix it immediately. Called Verizon again and they said that since the phone had been replaced that the MEID cannot be taken off the list since it has been replaced???

Is this true, what should I do or who to call to get a direct answer? If this is true, the phone is really just useless! How many useless phones are out there?

The ESN is bad and the only thing you can do is flash it to another carrier like Cricket.

Flash to cricket or use it as a turn in (recycle) program and get a few bucks for it.

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O.k i know how to change it to work with cricket, I have read a few tutorials. Is there any way to change the MEID so I can keep using Verizon?
Did your "friend" use an insurance claim to replace the "lost" phone? If that is case you can not activate it on verizon. Even if your story is legit, it is basically the same thing as insurance fraud. Once it is reported as lost or stolen, the esn is bad.

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What he said^^^^^

You're only options are to flash to a different carrier, recycle program, or sell for parts w/ bad esn.

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Alright, i did finally talk to them again and they said the phone is basically Asurions phone now! I am with Verizon too so i can't switch to another carrier, maybe i will just sell it for parts or use it just for wi-fi. Is there anyway I can get it to work with just my google voice #?

Thanks everyone (except for cjriddle22)!