HOw To Get Light Flow Working On Your Galaxy S5


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you aren't already familiar with LightFlow it is a cool app that allows you to change your LED color. You can even select which app notifications display which colors. For example I always set my gmail notifications to Red since the app icon is red, i set facebook notifications to Blue and ect. You are able to change the flash rate and there are several other options. Until now this very useful app has not worked on the Galaxy S5. There has been no other way to modify the LED since we don't currently have root. The developer has decided to address this issue. It should be noted that he has not released an updated version rather he has posted a series of steps to resolve whatever issue keeps it form working.

The steps are as follows

Go into your phone settings, accessibility and switch off light flow
Then go into your phone settings, security, notification access and switch on lightflow

Go into your phone settings->application manager->select light flow and make sure "show notifications" is checked.
Then restart your phone (ie power it off and back on)
Go into your phone settings, display, led indicators and make sure only "notifications" is checked.
Go into lightflow, settings and make sure all of the following are off (they should be by default):
Direct mode
Samsung root mode
USA/Canada S3 mode.
Then go into lightflow, notifications, missed call and select the color red.
Press the phones "home" key and switch off the screen.
Then try get a missed call and see if the led flashes red.
If that works, then settings other notifications on should generally work.

Hopefully this helps you get LightFlow working on your device. I have not tested this on my device so I can't guarantee that it works, but the dev says it does and what could it hurt to try.



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Aug 17, 2012
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I can confirm this works. Thank you, this was bugging me