How to get Digital Copies to play on my phone


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Oct 17, 2010
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Hey guys, one big reason I got the Droid x because I loved the size of the screen and the multimedia experience. I'm slightly disappointed now that I found out the X cant play files like .wmv, .m4v, etc. I have a big BluRay collection and a bunch of them came with Digital copies for your "mobile device". Im having trouble getting them to play on my phone. At first, I used Itunes, which saves the videos into .m4v. That didnt work. Then I went on the CD and pulled the .wmv off of the cd, but nothing would play it, not even WM Player. I've tried using 2 different converters to turn the .m4v into .mp4 but neither has done it successfully.

Ive tried Aunsoft Video Converter first. But it just converted it into a file that only showed a picture of Aunsoft and had no audio. Then I tried AVS Video Converter and that gave me a file about 100mb that had no audio and would only show screenshots of the movie, no actual video.

Im stuck on what to do next and any help is appreciated. Thanks!


May 22, 2010
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Try downloading rock player from the market. It plays just about anything

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Next time, please use the search feature on these forums.

On average, twice a week, the same question comes up, and some of them even get the same first response you received.

RockPlayer will not play Digital Copies.

Digital Copies are video files in WMV or MP4 format that are wrapped in a form of DRM that basically locks them to specific device groups.

The MP4 files are basically tied to iTunes and iTunes connected devices such as iPod/iPhone and iPad.

The WMV files are tied to Windows Media connected devices, such as Windows Mobile phones, Zune and "Plays for Sure"-branded devices.

To try and convert your DRM-files (its easier to just rent and convert the DVD) do a google search for TuneBite.