how to forward text with comment?


Oct 13, 2010
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How do I forward a text message and add a comment?
I can't figure this out.
I can forward the message but there is no option for adding text.
I do not see an option to copy and paste.
If someone sends you a pic via text message, on the average cell phone you can forward it and put in comments as well. I cannot do this on the Incredible. I've tried hard pressing the pic, clicking on left side of message-nothing works. YOu can forward by clicking "Forward" but you cannot put comments in.
Get the handscent app. It's better than your stock text message app

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agreed on the handcent app, you can do some amazing text things with this app, i dont even use the regular messagin app any more, i used handcent on my original droid as far i havent found one better for messaging.