How to DEBOOTSTRAP a Droid 2 Global(Sticky please)

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

am i missing a step ( going from what was posted in this thread on a link.. on how to SBF )

is the phone supposed to be on or off ( figured better ask that to be sure )
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Ask the guys in the TBH 2.4.330 sbf thread, they can probably help
Good, I have a few 64bit drivers scattered about. Give those a shot, and also, if you're not already, try rsd 4.9
4.7 drivers
Moto 4.8 USB drivers
RSD lite 4.9
I swear, I have to keep these on hand incase my computer "forgets" the drivers somehow
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Are you in bootloader? (Hold up on keyboard, then turn phone on)
ive flashed it 2 times and at 100% it fails!

*** EDIT ***

it doesnt boot up, basically stuck on the bootloader, saying corrupt. so what do i do??? i need help! i cant afford to brick this!

*** EDIT ****

i will run it again and then re-edit this and then we can go from there


Failed flashing progress. Failed flashing progress. Phone [00000]: Error switching phone to BP pass through mode (ox7OBE); Phone disconnected
it doesnt list the MEID or IMEI number if that matters
it goes thru 100%, but the result is FAIL
thats my error
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What's the error message? (try the edit button too, lol)
And does the phone boot up? Or does it go to bootloader and display Code Corrupt?
Because mine's said failed when waiting for phone to start up (at that point it just got stupid)

Update: Progress so far?
That happened to me the first time. Open your control panel, go to device manager-it will be slow, so you should have this open before you start
Run the sbf again, but right as it hits switching to bp pass-through mode, find the BP flash interface driver(probably under Motorola flash or something, or whatever new driver directory pops up as you're sbfing), and hit update-it should be able to find it locally if you've installed one of the driver packages listed on the 2nd page, once that's done, the flash will continue through.
At the end, don't forget to catch the reboot and make sure it goes into ANDROID RECOVERY
YOU NEED TO WIPE DATA AND CACHE from there, then boot-this prevents bootloops/problems
Win7 sure is picky...
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same error message, i found the flash thing from moto, but nothing about the BP, when it gets to the bp switching, i hear the sound of a device be disconnected/reconnected. i did right click and it says its up to date :( im lost

**** EDIT *****
under the device manager, when i connect the phone--and before i start the SBF in RSD, it shows up as Motorola USB Device, and under that is says Motorola Flash Interface

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It should just pop up in the device manager during the sbf
Also: Even if you're too late(there's a time window to get the driver up), but you managed to update the driver, just restart rsd and try again-it should work because the driver is there now
Update: Which set of drivers are you trying?
And did it say BP flash interface?
It should appear when it does that, if it doesn't try a different set of drivers (they're on the previous page)
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MrHatchi87, you need to install the latest flash drivers.

Look at this post, specifically where it you get the balloon in the bottom right corner that says "MOTOROLA FLASH INTERFACE"
SBF - Detailed Guide for Success - Windows 7

I cannot stand when vbulletin automatically shortens my url description with it's ellipsis.

im doing that as we speak, and i hope this helps ( +1 ) and i dont wanna brick this thing
It won't brick, worst that happens is that you have to charge the battery again. Use a battery charger or a different phone for that
This thread turned into a review of how to sbf :)
im in a bootloop, so i know there is a way out of that righT? lol

*** EDIT ***

Im activating the phone as we speak, and everything seems to be alright, thanks so much Byakushiki :)
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No matter, might just clean out a couple posts to shorten it down. Otherwise, everything else here is just for troubleshooting :laugh:
Oh easy. Just reboot into standard recovery, power up while holding x(hit the hard keyboard magnifying glass button once the exclamation mark appears). Wipe data'n cache, and no more bootlooping from there
i just sbf my phone yet i still have all my old programs still installed