How to DEBOOTSTRAP a Droid 2 Global(Sticky please)


May 23, 2011
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If you're here, I'm assuming you've bootstrapped before, installed a custom rom, etc, and now wish to return to stock motoblur and remove bootstrap, whether it be for an update, or another reason.
I will also assume you have a capable root explorer app, such as the aptly named Root Explorer, or one of several alternatives, such as File Expert (this is a root explorer! Just check its settings). I am using Root Explorer for this de-bootstrapping.

To begin, open Root Explorer and immediately hit the "Mount as R/W" button whenever you see it-it is imperative that you do, or else it won't work properly.
Immediately, whether under the immediate view or "/system/", scroll down to the preinstall folder.
Inside there will be a folder named Recovery, with 4 files, 1 of which is important to us: Hijack. You may delete it OR move it to your sd card.
Second, open the /system/ directory, scroll down to bin. Open it.
Again, R/W button as needed.
Scroll down until you see a file named Hijack (yes, there's two of them). Delete or move it.
Scroll down again until you see two files:
Either move or delete the first logwrapper.
Then, rename the logwrapper.bin to logwrapper
Reboot, battery pull a couple times, and if the bootstrap app is still around, hit reboot recovery a few times. If android boots up normally without clockwork popping up when you hit reboot recovery from the bootstrap app, you're all done! :)

Note: I notice there is a logwrapper present in the system/preinstall/recovery folder. DO NOT DELETE THIS.

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Reserved for future questions/issues.
Update: unable to access droidforums right now due to internet failure. Will try to keep up via phone.
20:12:19: Able to access site again.
Changes: Immediately found a second hijack file. Added that in.
"Do not delete logwrapper in the preinstall/recovery folder" added as precaution, that may cause bootloops.
Issues: 1 bootlooped person-will look into that.
-May have been caused by deleting the logwrapper in system/preinstall/recovery. If this is the case, once again, DO NOT DELETE this logwrapper.

Q: Should I uninstall bootstrap before or after?
A: I did it after, since I used the d2bootstrap app to test if cw recovery still worked-you may or may not want to do this, as it isn't needed(just do a battery pull a few times). I suggest you still uninstall before deleting bootstrap files.
Q: Will I be able to re-bootstrap after de-bootstrapping?
A: Yes. Just hit the bootstrap recovery button again in D2Bootstrap and you're bootstrapped again.
Q: Help! My D2G is bootlooping and I need to sbf!
A: Use the TBH 2.4.330 thread to ask for help, I can offer some help via pm but not much, as my computer is rather forgetful of the sbfing drivers and messes up commonly
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I suggest uninstalling beforehand, even though I did it after. Less risky that way, and if anything goes wrong due to after-debootstrap uninstall, it'll be on my own phone, not yours :)
Note: I missed a second hijack file (scrolled right past it haha), it's in /system/bin/. You know what to do
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Ridding the bootstrap this way doesn't make you have to set up the phone again, along with root.
Followed these instructions exactly and my phone got stock in bootloop. I had to SBF. LAME!

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Thank you Byakushiki! This is exactly what I was looking for last night... I'll give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes.
jojo, did you by any chance delete the logwrapper that was in /system/preinstall/recovery/?
If you did, that may be the culprit.
so will this allow rooted users to PREVENT from having to SBF and all that good stuff?
In practice, it should but it's safest to sbf since there's a bit of ROM debris leftover sometimes for no good reason. Nfs shift somehow made it onto fenom for me, and it wasn't there before.

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im just about to SBF and call it good. altho this is useful for future instances :) thanks :) +1 for sure
lemme rephrase that... i can open RSD lite and find the SBF file BUT when i click start to get it going, NOTHING, it doesnt show the device... no progress ( ive done an SBF on the cliq, when i did the soak test) does the device sill have to be rooted? or can it be unrooted? i want to get this back to stock so no one knows lol
Check if you have the moto drivers for recognizing the phone, that might be it. I've got tons of versions of those drivers for some reason...Blame win7 for somehow forgetting it has the right drivers on that one.
Are you on a 64bit OS or 32bit?
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