How to add stock email support to Steel Droid 2.0

When I try to do this using root explorer it tells me that I can not paste in the system/apps folder saying "You cannot paste file here cause the file system is read only" I cannot change the permissions in the app folder, the permissions are read write execute in the system folder. ?? Maybe the secret lies in the "push the apk to system/app" suggestion but I am not sure how the command line should read.???

One other question, I am not sure that i am trying to use the correct file or version according to the fix procedure outlined in the opening post of this thread, after much research looking through the xda site I have not been able to find a link that still is valid for this file containing the BlurEmail.apk.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My emails will come through on notifications, but no universal inbox can be found in my app drawer... strange...

anybody??? thanks!
The link to the file in post 2 is broken, does anyone else have the file to DL to add this? And will it still work with Steel 4.8?