How do you manage contacts?


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Sep 14, 2010
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As I'm sure a lot of people do, my phone holds my contacts for personal, as well as my work. I have my phone synced up to my works exchange through corporate sync for my calendar, email, contacts etc, as well as all my personal contact. I use CamCard to import business cards into my work contacts, and I love it. What I'm starting to see is that my contacts are getting extremely large, and the default contact app makes me sort through all of those contacts. My other option is to go through each of my 200+ contacts and put them into a group, but then that defeats the purpose of CamCard as I will then have to re-edit the contact in order to give it a group.

So long story short, what do you use to manage your contacts? I've tried GO contacts, but had difficulty with it keeping some of my contacts grouped. Anyone have any way of grouping the CamCard contacts easily?