Crazy Contacts. Groups display. What am I doing wrong?


Oct 22, 2010
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Show/Hide Contacts Groups display. What am I doing wrong?

I have taken my gmail contacts and sorted them into groups. For example Friends and Friends 2, where Friends are people I call all the time and Friends 2 are those I call one a year. On my D2G under Contacts>menu>Show/hide. I check Friends 2. Should this not now hide all the contacts in the Friends 2 group? In Contacts>menu there is also a "Show Group", and this has Create new Group, All contacts, favorites, Google, and Phone contacts. This is confusing to me. If I choose "Google" which I assume is all my Gmail contacts, shouldn't the Show/hide apply to those groups? This is not the case.

Any help to sort this out would be appreciated. I want be able to hide certain groups in contacts and only show them when I need them. I'm not getting this right. I have synced since organizing the the the Gmail contacts.

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