How do I see folders on phone?

You'll need a file manager. The one I like is Astro. Here's a link -
How does that link work? Is that something I scan with an app?
How does that link work? Is that something I scan with an app?

The app I use for scanning barcodes is called "barcode scanner". It's free. Works great. It seems to have a wildly better time focusing than the ShopSavvy app.

The barcode scanner app will grab whatever is in the barcode and transfer it to your Droid, then offer to open with a variety of programs. A vital addon in my humble opinion.
I've loaded Asto and I see a directoriesm but can't find the one i created.

Sometimes it will open with a view of some subfolder. Tap the menu icon that looks like a little house to make sure you are at the root of the SD card. Also, did you create your folder as a subfolder? It may not be at the root level.

I can see all of the folders I created. If you aren't seeing some I'd be worried it didn't get created. But I suspect it's more likely you aren't looking in the right place. That's just a guess of course.
Thanks for the help. Apparently I was trying to see them as I was still connected via USB. Once I broke away from the connection, I could see the folders on the sd card root.

Thanks again. This phone is awsome..and so is this forum.