How Do I Reset & Clear DROID2 In-phone Calendar


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Apr 6, 2011
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Hi all,

I need to delete all events and reminders within the In-Phone calendar. This has nothing to do with the Google calendars.

Short of doing a factory reset (data reset), does anyone know how to completely clear the in-phone calendar?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort on my behalf.


Thanks, but you directions cannot be followed on my DROID2. I start at "Home" and pressed the menu hardware button, then "Settings", then "Applications", but there's no "All". I end up at the same place had I started at "Home" and press the menu hardware button, then "Manage Apps".

I did try going a step further outside of your instructions. Went into "Manage Apps", "Running", and scrolled to "Calendar", and "Clear Data". This did not work to reset/clear events from the in-phone calendar.

Not sure which version of Android you're running, but maybe your directions only work for your DROID-X.

There should be a tab that says all on it after you go to settings/apps/manage apps...I think I left off manage apps

Yes, your updated instructions do offer a 'tab' for "All". Unfortunately, scrolling down and selecting "Calendar" offers a "Clear Data" option which does not seem to do anything.

So far, nothing is working.

Correct. Today, I disable all other Google online calendars and only access the "Phone Calendar". Then, I confirmed the calendar by viewing each event which displays the associated calendar source. Everything says "Phone Calendar".
Hmm. Then I'm not sure. There might be a few calendar apps in settings/apps/manage apps/all so try wiping data in those. I've always synced with Google.
ya I'm not sure what else there is. Are you sure you're not synced with Google?
I. Cleared mine by going to settings, applications, manage applications, all tab, calender storage, clear data

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