How do I get security updates?


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Jul 19, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy J7
I'm using a Samsung J7. A new security update was announced recently at Samsung fixes critical Android flaws with November 2020 updates

The article says once it's installed, the phone should have "security patch level" 2020-11-05.
"Settings > About phone" says my security patch level is August 1, 2017. But
"Settings > System updates > Download updates manually" tells me the phone is up to date (and won't let me upgrade further).

How do I make the phone allow me to upgrade it?
Wasn't that phone released in the Summer of 2017? I thought that Samsung provides security updates quarterly for phones in their third year, if at all? I could be mistaken, but I remember reading that somewhere. If that is the case you'll have to wait a while and see if they do release it for your model within this quarter. If it doesn't appear when manually checking for updates within Settings there isn't anything else you can do but wait.

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