How can I delete icons from the wallpaper screen?


Nov 20, 2011
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I just got my Droid MAXX today after previously having Blackberries. I'm trying to customize which icons are on the main screen but having some trouble. I can't figure out how I can delete icons from the main wallpaper screen. For example I accidently added two calculator icons there and I can't get rid of one of them! :( I know the Droid is better than the Blackberry but there is a learning curve I am discovering...
Congrats on the Maxx!

If you long press the icon, you will be able to move it towards the top where the trash can is located..when it turns red, release it.
Thanks! It worked! Never would havae figured that out on my own. Now I have to see if I can make a facebook picture a wallpaper. It sucks having a phone with no library of pictures that I've taken lol