How can I defrost apps after bloat freezer stopped working?? (.bfz and .bfzo)


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Jan 20, 2012
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[Solved]How can I defrost apps after bloat freezer stopped working?? (.bfz and .bfzo)

Hi guys,

I've been searching in all kinds of forums and websites for a solution to my issue but haven't found a useful fix just yet and I'm praying to find it here... I have a Droid 3 with Gingerbread 2.3.4 in which I had installed Bloat Freezer and frozen several system apps... The other day I found out that the app would not work anymore because it will stuck on an update loop with the android market... so when I got rid of the update pop-up I tried defrosting all the applications clicking on the "Defrost all" button but it didn't work... so I decided to defrost them manually assuming wrongly that it would be an easy fix.. to my surprise the first thing I noticed is that all the frozen apps had changed from .apk to .bfz and from .odex (which I still don't get what this is) to .bfzo (this seems to be compressed somehow because all files are around 450 bytes) ... the first application I tried to defrost was Blockbuster.bfz and it seemed to work just doing:

mv Blockbuster.bfz Blockbuster.apk

Immediately the app was restored and working on my phone, so I proceeded with the BackupAssistanceClient.bfz, BackupAssistanceClient.bfzo, BuaContactAdapter.bfz and BuaContactAdapter.bfzo since all of this files belong to the Backup Assistant... after changing the extensions of these files.. the app icon didn't appear in my main menu but it appeared in my phone Settings, so when I tried to open to verify that it was working it gave me an error saying that com.motorola.BackupAssistanceClient crashed ... since then I been trying several things but I haven't been able to get it to work...

I tried installing BackupAssistanceClient.apk and BuaContactAdapter.apk that I found on a website but either it is not for gingerbread or something else was wrong because everytime I tried installing doing:

adb install BackupAssistanceClient.apk
adb install BuaContactAdapter.apk


I even made a factory reset to my phone to see if that would bring back the frozen apps but it didn't...

And I actually ended deleting my .apk's for Backup Assistant by mistake... so PLEASE if someone have an idea of how to defrost this .bfz and .bfzo files I would appreciate a lot your help... I don't want to keep trying with other apps and losing them like this one.. and if you happen to have the Backup Assistant .apk's and .odex for Droid 3 it would be really helpful if you can share them with me...
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Email Trey Holland, the developer. He's a good guy and has gotten back to me immediately when I had questions...

Thanks to brad92 suggestion to send an email to the developer I went to the app website and found that I can still download the free version in there and it's not linked anymore to the android market. So I installed it using adb and as soon as I opened the app all the apps that were frozen got defrosted.