D3 Flashed to 5.6.890 and now wont connect to USB


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Jul 28, 2011
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I flashed(using "Recovery RSD v5.5.0 and 5.5.184 aka 5.6.890 fastboot partitions/flashable zip") my rooted d3 this morning and now it will not connect to my PC(Win 7 64). I have un-installed and re-installed the Motorola driver, battery pull, restart pc/d3.
My DX and Xoom will connect without any issues, so Im certain its something with the D3 device. I have check and double checked that the USB de-bugging enabled and unknown sources allowed. If anyone has had any similar issues or know other things I could try;I would appreciate his or her assistance.


Edit: I had some apps frozen with TiBu, but prior to the flash I defrosted them just to be safe. I did not have a different ROM. The phone does not have any handicapps other than the USB connection. My battery is the only thing on the phone that indicates the cable is connected. No drop down notification to select USB mode, Charge only...etc.
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It is a Motorola cable. Im not 100% positive its the one that came with the D3. Possibly the cable from DX2, or the Xoom
Should work as long as motorola cord...try to clean Motorola driver then update drivers then replug device

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I opened a new cable from my second D3s box and its working like a champ. I feel very ignorant at this moment. I assumed since that particular cable had always worked, that it should continue to work.

Another head-scratcher is... that the cable with my D3 issues still works with the Xoom and DX2.

Thanks for the help!!
Weird that one Moto cable would work and another wouldn't.

This seems to be a new "feature" in the newest phones. Here's info on the Bionic, for example:

5. Issue: USB Cables:

  • The XT875 can only be used with Motorola USB cables.
  • Action: No work around required.
  • Resolution: No resolution required, working as designed and approved by Verizon Wireless.​