HotSpotShield Allows You To Trick ESPN3 and Avoid Blackouts!


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Oct 6, 2011
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This week and some of the upcoming weeks will bring some less important games among the top 25 ranked NCAA football teams. Today FSU plays the Citadel which while they are a pretty tough team being a military school, this is not a game that the networks thought was worth showing. I launched the WatchESPN app on my TV this evening to find that the game was blacked out in my region even though the game is sold out. It turns out that local broadcasters and PPV have the rights to this game which means that ESPN can't broadcast it locally. There is away to avoid this blackout. You can grab the HotSpot Shield APP from the play store and launch it. This is a VPN app that will show your IP coming out of California. As long as you aren't trying to watch a USC or UCLA game you should be good to go with no modifications. Just open the app and minimize it allowing it to run in the background. Then open up the WatchESPN app and you are good to go. Grab the HotSpot Shield app from the Play Link below.

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