Hotspot issues with HP Pavilion G6


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Dec 26, 2012
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My brother in-law is having an issue with his hotspot on his new phone. When I first looked at the laptop, it would connect to the hotspot, but would cycle back and forth saying limited connection, connected but no internet, then Internet Access and back to limited connection. I have troubleshooted as far as I can, and I am stumpted.. Any ideas ?

Steps taken

Thinking it was Norton or firewall related, booted into safe mode, same issues
No static ip addresses configured
Ipconfig all shows it has the ip address range that the hotspot should be giving out when it was connected but 'limited connection'
Removed Wifi card and reinstalled in device manager
Tried to update 2011 driver using windows update, no new drivers, went to MFG website and updated drivers to 2012.
Uninstalled Norton and another spyware program and disabled windows firewall
Installed Malywarebytes and did a full scan to check for spyware
Disabled onboard wifi and tried using netgear usb wifi adapter
Laptop will connect to my home wifi network, his wifi home network, my blackberry hotspot and multiple hotels as he travels but not the droid hotspot
Hotspot name was about 20 char long, so I renamed SSID to 'hotspot' and now the laptop will not find the hotspot, using usb or internal wifi
Using another laptop, ipad x2, iphone I can connect to the droids hotspot before and after SSID rename
Laptop has all windows current updates for Win7

Thoughts? It seems like an OS issue since both wifi adapters will not see the signal, but the laptop can connect to multiple other wifi signals with 0 issues.

Phone Droid Razr HD
Laptop - HP Pavilion G6
Wifi adapter - Realtek RTL8188CE
OS - Windows 7