[Hot Tool] Taking Control of Mobile Apps


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Jun 12, 2012
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Use of mobile applications in the workplaces are inevitable. And, subject matter experts who understand the requirements of the work can better contribute if they can develop mobile applications on their own.

m-Bizmaker (m-Bizmaker) is a tool that does exactly that. With already familiar tools, anyone can develop mobile applications that will work on smartphones with iOS and Android platforms. You can develop Business schedulers, contact file management, or even complex sales force automation and other enterprise applications.

For the professionals, it will allow them to complete the mobile application projects 20x faster against traditional way of software programming. That translates to faster deployment of mission critical applications with great saving.

m-Bizmaker can increase individual contribution in any organization and can influence the competitiveness of the organization of the users. Best of all....It's completely Free since we believe in empowering the users.